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"Grand National" Career Wins

By: Gene Bowman

     Have you ever wondered how many wins the drivers in the NASCAR Strictly Stock Grand Nationals had?  Well looking back thru my hoards of  notes and paper clippings I have been able to come up with what I believe is to be a pretty close total of victories for the drivers mentioned.  Herb Thomas was the first driver to record ten wins but yet he came up shy two wins of making the "50 Club".  Lee Petty was the first driver to reach fifty wins and  collected only four more after that.  Well only one person made it to the "100 Club" and that was Richard Petty who went on to collect 38 more then  to The Winston Cup to finish his career with 200 wins and seven championships.

     Between 1949 and 1971 more than sixty races were held in a single season, today 36 is pushing the limits.  Our technology for travel, faster pit stops, more personnel per team, and much better access to parts, then why is 36 pushing the limit?  What do you feel is a good number of races to have each year? Do you think sixty is too many?  Maybe some might think thirty-six is too many.   Go to the message board and see what the others think.  Maybe some of you would like to see a race every weekend like me but hey, don't hold your breath.  Below is a list of drivers and the number of victories each had while driving in the Grand Nationals only.  There are three clubs 100 / 50 / 25 and also have an honorable mention for those over 10 wins.


Strictly Stock Grand Nationals 1949 thru 1971


Richard Petty   138

 50Club:   DRIVER WINS
Richard Petty    138
David Pearson     60
Lee Petty      54
Buck Baker        50
Junior Johnson     50
Ned Jarrett          50


Richard Petty   138
David Pearson    60
Lee Petty     54
Buck Baker     50
Junior Johnson    50
Ned Jarrett         50
Herb Thomas   48
Tim Flock        40
Bobby Isaac    36
Fireball Roberts   33
Bobby Allison    29
Rex White         28
Fred Lorenzen    26
Joe Weatherly   25
Jim Paschal     25




                                      HonorableMention                                      10wins


Jack Smith 21
Speedy Thompson 20
Marvin Panch 18
Fonty Flock 18
Curtis Turner 15
Dick Hutcherson 14
Cale Yarborough 14
Dick Rathman 13
LeeRoy Yarbrough 13




   The above information is based on records that I have kept and researched over the years and is as accurate to my knowledge.  The above clubs 100wins/50wins/25wins, are Decades of Racing's milestone markers.