A tribute to those men who died while doing what they loved. So take a few minutes and check the list here and remember them and their families the next time you watch a race. 


Dale Earnhardt at Daytona, February 18, 2001 (Daytona 500)

Tony Roper at Texas Motor Speedway, October 13,2000

Kenny Irwin at Louden, New Hampshire, July 7, 2000 

Adam Petty at Louden, New Hampshire  May 12, 2000

John Nemechek at Homestead, Florida in 1997

Neil Bonnett at Daytona Beach, Florida in 1994

Rodney Orr at Daytona Beach, Florida in 1994

Davey Allison at Talladega (helicopter crash) July 12, 1993

Alan Kulwicki (airplane crash on way to Food City 500) April 1, 1993

Clifford Allison at Brooklyn, Michigan in 1992

J.D. McDuffie at Watkins Glen, NY in August 1991

Grant Adcox at Hampton, GA in 1989.

Bruce Jacobi at Daytona, (injured February 1983, died February 4, 1987) twin 125 qualifying

Terry Schoonover at Atlanta ,GA in November 1984

Ricky Knotts at Daytona, February 14, 1980 (twin 125 qualifying)

Tiny Lund at Talladega  on August 10, 1975

Ricky Knott at Daytona Beach, FL in February 1972

Friday Hassler at Daytona, February 17, 1972 (twin 125 qualifying)

Talmage Prince at Daytina Beach, FL in February 1970

Billy Drew Wade at Daytona, January 5, 1965 (tire test)

Fireball Roberts at Charlotte, NC in July 1964 (accident was in May)

Harold Habering at Daytona , February 21, 1964 (during practice)

Joe Weatherly at Riverside, CA in January 1964

Marshall Teague at Daytona, February 11, 1959 (during practice)

Billy Myers at Bowman-Gray Stadium Winston-Salem, NC April 12, 1958

Bobby Myers at Darlington, SC on September 2, 1957

Thomas Priddy at LeHi, AK in June 1956

Clint McHugh at LeHi, AK in June 1956

John McVitty at Longhorne, PA in April 1956

Lou Figaro at N. Wilksboro, NC in 1954

Frank Arford at Longhorne, PA in June 1955

Larry Mann at Longhorne, PA in September 1954


May they rest in peace