By; Gene  Bowman

    Now that we have covered the history of Dodge and covered the top winners in the Grand Nationals I thought I would throw some more stats your way.  Today's article, we shall talk about some of the victories recorded by the different manufactures.  For instance in 1965 Ford won forty-eight of the fifty-five races that year.  The other seven wins went to Plymouth (4), Dodge (2), and Mercury (1).  In 1952 Hudson racked up twenty-seven of the thirty-four races that year with Oldsmobile and Plymouth getting three each and Chrysler one.

     In 1967 Plymouth won thirty-one of the forty-eight races with Ford getting ten, Dodge (4), and Chevrolet (3).  In 1961 Ford got thirty wins out of sixty-one races.  Dodge followed with (13), Plymouth (12), Mercury (5), and Chevrolet (1).  Pontiac made the thirty win season in 1961 as they won thirty of the fifty-two races that year.

     The following information is based on my records and hopefully accurate math.  I have compiled a list of the total wins by each manufacturer.  If you want to see a breakdown of each year click here.

Manufacturer Wins
Ford 279
Plymouth 180
Chevrolet 123
Dodge 109
Oldsmobile 101
Hudson 79
Pontiac 62
Chrysler 59
Mercury 42
Lincoln 4
Studebaker 4
Camaro 2
Buick 2
Nash 1
Jaguar 1
Mustang 1
Grand National