GREEN FLAG....The green flag lets the driver's know that this is it , this is the start of the race. Like pedal to the medal and go man go...



  BLACK FLAG...The black flag is waved to any car that NASCAR wants to exit the track.  When the driver receives the black flag then he is to get off the track.  If he receives the black flag a second time then he can be disqualified.



  BLUE AND YELLOW..This blue flag with yellow is to let the slower drivers know that faster cars are approaching and they should move over to let them by..



  YELLOW.The yellow flag is to let the drivers know that the track is unsafe due to debris or a wreck and that a caution has been called..



  RED FLAG.    The red flag is to let the drivers that the race has been called to a halt.  The drivers are suppose to stop their cars and remain stopped until they are given to go again.



  WHITE FLAG.   The white flag is to let the drivers know that this is the last lap of the race.



  CHECKERED FLAG   This is the flag that is waved as the winner crosses the finish line.  This is to tell the drivers that the race has ended.



There is also another flag that NASCAR has and it is a Black Flag with a White X in it. If a driver has been black flagged and he is still out on the track after 5 laps then the black flag with white X is throw at him.

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